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Allison Music Wagga


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Because changes in humidity do not cause dimensional shifts or cracking, the instrument can be played outdoors and in a variety of other environments, including outdoors. Warm tone is similar to that of wood instruments. A matte surface finish subdues the shine of the ABS resin, producing an appearance that resembles wood. The YCL-255 blends visually with other players using wood instruments. It can be set to make fingering comfortable for players with small hands and can be readjusted as necessary as the player grows and becomes more proficient. The thumb rest also includes a ring that can provide a convenient location for strap attachment when needed.

Key - Bb
Fingering System - Boehm, 17 keys, 6 rings
Barrel Length - 65mm
Toneholes - Straight tone holes with tapered undercut
Thumb-rest - Adjustable with strap ring
Body Material - Matte ABS resin
Keys Material - Nickel-plated nickel silver
Mouthpiece - 4C
Case - Included