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Allison Music Wagga


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Xvive In-Ear Monitor Wireless System With T9 Monitors and CU4 Carry Case - Xvive’s T9 in-ear monitors have been designed by top IEM engineers in the USA to offer customers pro-level audio quality at a much more accessible price. is endowed with two balanced-armature Knowles drivers—some of industry’s largest and most powerful mid-bass drivers—and custom-tuned, custom-ported micro tweeter. Along custom unified crossover, these cutting-edge components headroom accommodate whatever EQ adjustments any user may desire. Nonetheless, comes perfectly balanced, responsive detailed sound signature that not overly hyped or colored—so audiophiles will enjoy fulfilling listening experience right out box.T9 an invaluable tool for performing live musicians, also suited in-studio tracking mixing—but perhaps importantly, hi-tech earbuds make music fun rewarding anyone. IEMs pair U4 monitor wireless system, providing musicians unbeatable monitoring value performance studio applications.Dual driversHand-assembledSound-isolating earphones3.5 mm earphone jack, compatible all systemsCarrying case cleaning includedDurable, replaceable cablesCustom-designed, crossover ensures each driver only sent frequencies they were reproduceIncludes:U4 systemT9 monitorsCU4 carry case Pro Audio, Microphones & Wireless Systems, Wireless Systems, In-Ear Wireless Systems.