TRX 20" ICON Series Stacker Cymbal

TRX 20" ICON Series Stacker

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Vented cymbals that can be used alone as crash effects or under/on top of other cymbals for a short, trashy sound.

Meticulously handcrafted by master cymbalsmiths, TRX ICONS combine the warmth and body of vintage cymbals with the brightness and projection required by modern drummers. The series offers a full spectrum of tonal choices within a single line and is recommended for a wide range of contemporary styles and situations. In fact, since they’re a new standard of sound for a new generation of players, “ICON” is the perfect name for this exciting new class of TRX cymbals - as well as the drummers who play them.

About TRX Cymbals

TRX Cymbal Co.— the first and only line of genuine, handcrafted Turkish cymbals specifically developed to provide the extreme tonal, performance and appearance characteristics demanded by today’s progressive drummers and drumming styles.

To bring this ancient art to modern artists, TRX Cymbals blends a state-of-the-art design with traditional Turkish materials and manufacturing methods. This unique combination offers contemporary players legendary Turkish quality, consistency, versatility, and variety while also giving them a full range of fresh, exciting, musically relevant sounds to choose from. In fact, with TRX four original series - DRK, MDM, ALT and BRT- classified on the basis of their distinctively different tone qualities, drummers are now free to pick their cymbals based solely by sound and application instead of hype.

Strong, young newcomers, TRX custom-crafted Turkish cymbals are available in a wide selection of types, weights, sizes and finishes to fit the widest spectrum of sounds and situations - from Jazz, R&B and World Music to Country, Punk, Pop and Rock. Whatever you play now or whatever comes next.

Allison Music are exclusive stockists of TRX cymbals in Australia