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Allison Music Wagga


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Expanding on the successful launch of its ICON Series in 2010, the TRX Cymbal Co. is proud to announce the introduction of the Dark ICON micro-series.

Available in a limited range of sizes and types, the new cymbals are characterized by a heavily-hammered, natural playing surface with a lathed, brilliantly finished underside. The line is further distinguished by its extra thin weight - all of which combine to create an extremely deep, dark, vintage tone, lightning-fast response and unconventional, two-tone appearance. Although they are unlabeled as to type, DARK ICONs have a versatility that allows them to be used as Rides, Crashes and Crash-Rides in a variety of musical styles and situations.

- Thin weight
- B20+ Alloy
- Heavily-hammered, natural playing surface
- Brilliant, lathed underside
- 9 "piercings" per cymbal