TRX 13" Dark ICON Hi Hats

TRX 13" Dark ICON Hi Hats

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  • Thin weight
  • B20+ Alloy
  • Heavily-hammered, natural playing surface
  • Brilliant, lathed underside
  • 9 "piercings" per cymbal

Expanding on the successful launch of its ICON Series in 2010, the TRX Cymbal Co. is proud to announce the introduction of the Dark ICON micro-series.

Available in a limited range of sizes and types, the new cymbals are characterized by a heavily-hammered, natural playing surface with a lathed, brilliantly finished underside. The line is further distinguished by its extra thin weight - all of which combine to create an extremely deep, dark, vintage tone, lightning-fast response and unconventional, two-tone appearance. Although they are unlabeled as to type, DARK ICONs have a versatility that allows them to be used as Rides, Crashes and Crash-Rides in a variety of musical styles and situations.

In addition, each DARK ICON cymbal includes an innovative series of “piercings” which are small holes around the outer edge of the cymbal. The piercings allow the optional use of TRX’s new Removable Rivets and other sound modifiers. TRX’s threaded, double-locking Removable Rivets are available in a choice of brass and natural and black aluminum - giving drummers a quick, easy and effective way to customize their cymbal sounds. For additional cymbal effects, steel, bronze and brass TRX Jingles are also available. The accessories are available in nine-piece pre-packs, although any amount and combination of TRX Rivets and Jingles can be used TRX Dark Icon Cymbals and Hi-Hats or any cymbal with ¼Ë holes.

About TRX Cymbals

TRX Cymbal Co.— the first and only line of genuine, handcrafted Turkish cymbals specifically developed to provide the extreme tonal, performance and appearance characteristics demanded by today’s progressive drummers and drumming styles.

To bring this ancient art to modern artists, TRX Cymbals blends a state-of-the-art design with traditional Turkish materials and manufacturing methods. This unique combination offers contemporary players legendary Turkish quality, consistency, versatility, and variety while also giving them a full range of fresh, exciting, musically relevant sounds to choose from. In fact, with TRX four original series - DRK, MDM, ALT and BRT- classified on the basis of their distinctively different tone qualities, drummers are now free to pick their cymbals based solely by sound and application instead of hype.

Strong, young newcomers, TRX custom-crafted Turkish cymbals are available in a wide selection of types, weights, sizes and finishes to fit the widest spectrum of sounds and situations - from Jazz, R&B and World Music to Country, Punk, Pop and Rock. Whatever you play now or whatever comes next.

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