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Allison Music Wagga


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The TC Electronic Hall of Fame 2 Mini Reverb picks up where its predecessor left off, taking all the tricks you’d expect from a member of the Hall of Fame family and cramming it into a tiny pedal. The tone-to-weight ratio is simply out of this world! Drawing from their long history of crafting the finest, most natural studio reverbs for professionals, TC Electronic put their best minds to work on making Hall of Fame 2 Mini sound every bit as exquisite as its heritage suggests. With an updated layout giving letting you adjust Decay, Tone and Level, they managed to make Hall of Fame 2 Mini even more useable while keeping the same pedalboard-friendly footprint. MASH – Heart of Innovation Hall of Fame 2 Mini Reverb features groundbreaking new technology that brings a wide range of creative expression to the party, controlled solely by how much pressure you apply to the depressed footswitch. Years in the making, and only available in select TC Electronic products, this clever innovation elevates the common footswitch well above mundane duties, such as “On” and “Off”. More importantly – MASH elevates your performance to the next level. Infinite Reverbs, Limited Space If Hall of Fame 2 Mini Reverb was proportionate to the amount of tone possibilities they packed in there, it would have its own moon orbiting around it. But, as you've probably noticed from the name "mini", it’s really small. Built on the renowned Mini platform that also spawned Ditto Looper and PolyTune Mini, there’s always room on your pedalboard for one of these, and the amount of tone choices are unlimited. Follow Your Ears! Great tone is hard to come by but sometimes, it takes something as little as a good buffer in the right place to bring life and brilliance into a dull-sounding signal chain. Hall of Fame 2 Mini Reverb gives you the power to choose between either a totally transparent buffered bypass to drive your precious tone through long cable runs or crowded signal chains or a squeaky clean true bypass depending on your setup. All you have to do is place the pedal where you want it and use the free TonePrint app to see which bypass mode sounds best through your rig! Shimmer Reverb With Hall of Fame 2 Mini Reverb, your most transcendent shoe-gazing dreams are finally realized. An all-new Shimmer reverb algorithm provides an unearthly octave pitch shift, ensuring that your tone delivers spine-tingling euphoria in every single note. All of the onboard, next-generation algorithms give you phenomenally-realistic reverb sounds, making the revolutionary Hall of Fame 2 Mini Reverb truly limitless. TonePrint-Ready TC Electronic revolutionized the tonal universe with the amazing TonePrint App, which allows you to beam FX directly to your device, including signature reverbs from the most revered icons.