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Allison Music Wagga


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If you’ve ever needed a Classic Analog High Gain Distortion Pedal but been unable to find one with enough versatility to suit any scenario, the MAGUS PRO will be a very welcome surprise for you. Its slow slew rate, treble filter control and three different modes of operation provide more than enough variance in approach and tone to compliment any playing style.

- Classic high gain distortion pedal with organic tube-like response
- Fat mids and tight bottom end
- Treble filter control to tame top-end bite
- 3 clipping modes capture dirty, turbo and classic iterations of this mainstay distortion circuit
- Evenly balanced harmonic resonance produces effortless sustain at high gain settings
- Ideal for classic rock, indie and punk
- All-analog circuit produces rich warm tones
- Compact footprint fits on any pedal board
- Top-mounted jacks allow more pedals to be stacked onto your pedalboard
- Built-like-a-tank construction