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Allison Music Wagga


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In the development of the new revolutionary S-Locks we have combined 3 parts to perfection:
- unique one-piece hardened steel strap buttons
- S-Locks suitable for different belt thickness with ergonomic operation
- and a patented locking nut - Lock-Wheel - with triple security architecture.
The S-Locks new strap button
- new and unique one-piece construction, easy to install via 3 mm (1/8") Allen key.
- special 4 mm wood thread in S-Lock size M for maximum grip. Optionally available in sizes S (3.5 mm) and L (4.5 mm). Please refer to the installation instructions in the description below for size specifications.
- hardest steel for maximum wear resistance and safety
- including high-grade felt washers to protect your instrument
The S-Locks improved new lock
- extended thread length for holding straps of up to 6 mm thickness,
- newly designed slanted locking bolt made of stainless steel for minimum wear and thus maximum safety
- new design pull-up ball for best haptics
- suitable for a standard hole in the belt of 10 mm
The new Lock-Wheel: featuring 3-stage safety concept
- Lock-Wheel with special patent thread ensures a secure hold. It can be tightened safely by hand without tools.
- The 2-hole mount (suitable for 2 mm Allen key or screwdriver) allows a firmer tightening torque of the Lock-Wheel with maximum hold.
U- ndetachable hold due to grub screw with tapered cap and slot 2.5 x 5 mm made of stainless steel. Simply unscrew the set screw again to unscrew the Lock-Wheel; the thread remains functional and cuts itself "free" again through the Lock-Wheel.
- Put all parts together and give it a shake
- Sounds of silence - You will be amazed: Whether on stage or in the studio, S-Locks do not rattle.