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Allison Music Wagga


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The 12-inch PDX-12 pad for snare/tom features Roland’s legendary 2-ply mesh head, for solid resistance, along with tension-adjustable operation for authentic and satisfying rebound. The height of the snare hoop is much closer to that of an acoustic snare so you can hit an open rim shot with a natural stick angle. High quality materials and newly designed hoop rubber offer the authentic feel akin to hitting an acoustic drum, while independent sensors assign different sounds to the head and rim respectively. If you’re serious about drumming, the PDX-12 lets your technique shine through, without compromise.

Pad size - 12 inches
Triggers - 2 (Head, Rim)
Connectors - TRIGGER OUTPUT jack
Acceptable rod diameters - 9.0–13.0 mm (3/8–9/16 inches)
Usable pipe size - Non-supported
Accessories - Connection cable, Drum key, Knob bolt, Owner's Manual
Width - 430 mm
Depth - 360 mm
Height - 105 mm
Weight - 2.1 kg