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Allison Music Wagga


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Ever since the first effect pedals emerged in the mid-20th century, the race for creating the perfect guitar tone has continued strong, culminating in an industry with a wide variety of options for crafting sounds to fit every taste and need. Author Vinnie DeMasi and veteran pedalboard builder Tom “Peck” Pecoraro guide you through this complex and evolving world of tone in a beginner-friendly guide, covering topics such as: overdrive, distortion, and fuzz; compression and EQ; delays, echoes, and reverb; chorus, phasers, flangers, and tremolo units; wah-wah and filters; rack mounts and multi-effect units; building basic and advanced boards; signal path essentials and rig options; maintenance and trouble shooting; recreating iconic stompbox sounds; photos of professional players' boards; and more! The book also includes access to online video demonstrations that give you quick tips on how to put the knowledge within this book into practice!