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Allison Music Wagga


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Djembes produce a wide range of sounds and are ideal as a solo instrument or as part of a large percussion ensemble or drum circle. Pearl’s Top Tune Djembe series includes four different size drums; 8”, 10”, 12” and 14” with the smaller drums delivering a higher pitch that cuts through and the larger sizes producing a thunderous low-end punch.
The patented seamless synthetic shells are available in two dynamic finishes Purple Haze and Tribal Fire with simulated skin heads. Pearl’s top tuning mechanism simplifies the tuning process and makes changing heads a breeze.
Traditional djembes are roped tuned and that tuning method requires considerable experience. Pearl's Top Tuned djembes makes tuning your drum easy with a hoop and lug system that works like other acoustic drums.
Care Guide: Pearl Top Tune Djembe drums feature a synthetic shell that is subject to react to extremely hot conditions. Refrain from prolonged exposure to temperatures at or above 122°F / 50°C. Failure to do so may result in damage to the instrument. For the utmost in care, we recommend a moderate stable climate suitable for humans.

Shells – Patented Seamless Synthetic
Head – Simulated skin
Tuning – Top
- 10" head x 19.5" tall