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Allison Music Wagga


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The Major Diatonic Harmonica was originally intended for playing simple Folk music of the nineteenth century and its notation layout was adequate for that purpose. The Major Diatonic harmonica is the most commonly used tuning for playing Blues, Rock, Country Folk & Jazz.

- Slide-Together Interlocking Cases
- Colour-coded tunings for fast, easy indexing
- Durable Plastic Comb
- Projects loudly with a brightly balanced sound
- Wide chambers and narrow dividers for ease of playing
- Precision-molded, recessed bed secures reed plates and prevents air leakage
- 1st & 2nd Positions Clearly Identified at both ends of the comb
- Replaceable Reed Plates
- Mounted to the comb with 3 Self-Tapping-Screws
- Expertly Tuned to 441 Plus
- Equal Tuning by Octaves