Jupiter - JTB1100 Trombone

Jupiter - JTB1100 Trombone

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The Jupiter JTB1100 Trombone is the perfect choice for the player looking for a larger bore instrument. It features a .525"medium-large bore for a rich, full tone and a quick response from the nickel silver outer hand slide.It has a 8.1" yellow brass bell designed for excellent projection. 

Lacquered Brass Body is produced using state of the art technology to ensure an instrument of the most accurate scale and playability 
A Nickel Silver Outer Slides provides increased resistance to denting or damage to the instrument 

Key of Bb 
Lacquered Brass Body 
8.1" Bell 
Nickel Silver Outer Slide 
.525" Medium Bore 
With Wood-Frame Case (JTB1100) or Backpack Softcase (JTB1100Q) 

5 year warranty.