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Allison Music Wagga


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The POLAR column system provides a complete, customised sound solution for discerning musicians, DJs, entertainers, business presentations, schools and churches.
Compared to other models in its class, POLAR stands out with its impressive sound experience right down to the lowest bass, as well as its extremely comprehensive range of features, including an integrated mixer and Bluetooth 5.
Fully equipped active full-range column system with user-friendly operation
2,000-watt Class D power amplifier: high power reserves, perfect dynamic response
1" driver with CD horn: high-definition audio up to 20 kHz and a wide dispersion of 120°
Six 3" high-performance neodymium speakers: optimized for powerful midrange response
12" long-excursion woofer with extra-large cabinet volume: POLAR makes the most of actual physics rather than relying on power-sucking electronic bass boost
Subwoofer enclosure: low-resonance wooden construction with a classy look and cleverly designed carrying handles
Integrated 24-bit DSP for a homogeneous and low-distortion sound experience across all frequency ranges: professional sound and fatigue-free listening
Five individual user presets: the right sound setting for every situation
Integrated 4-channel mixing console with multiple connection options
Bluetooth 5.0 audio streaming

POLAR 10 and 12 are equipped with a powerful DSP that adds straightforward and easy-to-use professional features to the systems:

Three sound modes (Music, Speech and DJ) and the semi-parametric Master EQ allow users to simply and effectively adjust the system sound. What’s more, five sound settings can be stored as user presets and recalled when needed.
When used for events in very large rooms or outdoors, POLAR can easily function as a delay speaker. Users simply set the distance from the main PA using the integrated display, and the DSP then automatically calculates the appropriate delay time.
The volume controls for the four channels, the master volume and the subwoofer are directly accessible in all operating situations. Less frequently used settings, such as the semi-parametric master EQ, can be changed via a rotary push-button control and the easy-to-read display.
The newly developed plug system connects the mid/high unit, spacer and subwoofer conveniently, securely and without wobbling. No cables required.

Especially for DJ applications where high-performance bass is constantly required, POLAR 12 with its larger cabinet volume and 12" woofer delivers that extra kick of bass that enthusiasts love so much. But POLAR 12 is also impressive when used live with drums. The 12" woofer with its 2.5" voice coil can handle a greater thermal load and thus deliver higher sound pressure and headroom even for extreme level peaks. POLAR 12 is the right choice for DJs and bands who need big bass and dynamics.

The system comes with a padded transport bag for the column elements and a protective cover, also padded, for the system subwoofer.