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Allison Music Wagga


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As you play it for the first time, you do enjoy a guitar with great volume and clarity. An instrument which offers a much larger range of tonal possibilities to create different kinds of timbre and colour in the sound. This instrument, being suitable for the beginning in the study of playing guitar, offers many possibilities of interpretation, being able to be used for different styles. A beautiful guitar, stylized and carefully finished. Like the model 1C, this student instrument is made with Sapelli for back and sides, Indian rosewood for the fingerboard and nickel-plated machine heads. In this case, the finish of the model 2 C has a double binding, adding one in the back, and with Spruce for the top. A top always solid which contributes directly to get the great sound of this guitar. Also, the 2 C model comes with melamine for the saddle and the nut. A synthetic material that is a very good transmitter of the sound which provides to this instrument a rounded color of sound, maintaining the power and the diversity of nuances. The 2C model, like the 1C model, is a student instrument but one step more in performance. A very comfortable guitar of great quality. A safe choice for anyone who starts in the world of six strings art.

Allison Music loves the sound of this nylon-string guitar!

Top - Solid Red Cedar
Back & Sides - Mahogany
Neck - Mahogany
Fingerboard - Indian Rosewood
Machine Heads - Nickel Plated