Drumcraft Series 6 22" Fusion 5 Piece Drum Kit - Purple Haze

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The DrumCraft Series 6 drums are crafted to the same quality standards as our series 8. Specialist wood sourcing, shell composition and chrome black powder coated shell hardware make these drums distinctively different. 

Perfect shells with an all 8-ply full Birch composition and a 5-pcs heavy duty ratchet style hardware pack make these drums a perfect instrument for drummers who look for the best value, the best look, and the best sound.

22" Fusion consisting of

  • 22x18 Kick

  • 14x12 FloorTom

  • 10x8 TomTom

  • 12x9 TomTom

  • 14x5 SnareDrum

  • 5 pcs Series 6 HW Pack

Drumcraft Series 6 22" Fusion 5 Piece Drum Kit - Purple Haze

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Features of the 6 Series:

8-ply Birch Shell construction.
Known for its powerful highs and pumping lows while attenuating mid range frequencies. 
DrumCraft series 6 shells have cross laminated plies in layups. This applies the lowest possible tension to the shell - less tension results in lower over all tone. 
These drums deliver a fat rock sound, with a lot of attack.

Zero Gravity mount
Buffered with four Rubber gaskets, the slim ZeroGravityMount supports the toms in midair. allowing the tone to ring out. The hinged memory lock is part of the tom bracket, and completes the rigid lightweight design.

5-pcs series 6 Heavy Duty Hardware pack
This completes every pre set configuration, consisting of a cymbal boom, a straight cymbal stand with ratchet adjustable tilters, boom tilters, a ball snare stand, solid HighHat and single chain kick pedal.

German engineered chrome or black powdercoated shell hardware

Every part, bracket, joint and memory lock is designed to incorporate the slick and simple design that follows principle geometrical elementary forms. Not to distract from the two essential points with drums - YOU and how you want to setup your drums to accommodate your STYLE of playing.
6/7 45 degree inner bearing edge, barely rounded sharp ridge, 1/7 45 degree outside countercut.
This bearing edge literally kick-starts the attack while still allowing the head to stimulate shell resonance.

Nickeldrumworks throw off
Legendary, patented, smooth as silk working throw off. Now made of 100% pure polycarbonate to withstand the forces of any drummer's playing and treatment style.

Triple Bass Drum Mount
Two short Ball tomholders mounted on a single post to the kick. Giving extreme versatility for your setup and the possibility to mount a third device of your choice to your kick drum

Bass Drum claws
Die cast Bass Drum Claws with wood hoop protecting nylon inserts dispense the tension evenly without scratching the surface of the BD hoop.
(Cymbals NOT Included)

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Colour Purple Haze

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